What is Snowballing in League of Legends?

When you play League of Legends, or any other game for that matter, you’re going to hear funny-sounding words, like “peeling” and “snowball.” When you’re not familiar with League of Legends slang, it’ll leave you sitting there wondering “what the heck am I peeling?” So today, the topic is snowballing…no, snowballing doesn’t involve tossing balls of snow at people…it doesn’t even involve snow!

So, what is snowballing?

Basically, in League of Legends, snowball means to gain an advantage in the early or mid-game. Once you gain that advantage, you take the bull by the horns and use it against the enemy – you dominate them like you’ve never dominated anything before. You continue to grow your gold/level cap, and eventually, if you have made the perfect snowball, you can win the match.

Mind you, it takes a “special” champion to snowball – not all champions are alike, and not all of them are capable of snowballing. Naturally, some champions can do it better than the other ones, and sometimes, those champions are able to snowball only against certain champions.

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An Example of Snowballing

Image credit: Gu Jewell

Let’s say there’s a Yasuo player, and he is defeated in the mid-lane by the enemy jungler. This voids the gold advantage for himself. He respawns and glides back to the lane, gets another kill under his belt, and this time that jungler isn’t around to steal the kill gold back.

Now, the enemy mid is down 0/2/1 to Yasuo, who has a score of 2/1/0. Along with the farming Yasuo has done, he is now capable of purchasing a Vampiric Sceptre or a Zeal if he wishes to sustain. Now, Yasuo moves in and gets a third kill, then glides to the bot lane and gathers up two more kills. The enemy jungler knows what’s going on, so he shows up to attempt to calm the situation, but he dies instead.

Now, what you have is a Yasuo with a BF Sword, Statikk Shiv, and a team that will be rallying around that player to take the Baron, dragons, each and every one of the towers, and hitting the nexus (going in for the win).

Yasuo has a major lead, more gold that he can spend, and damage items…he’s doing a great job and is using his advantage to help out the other lanes. Remember that you should always roam to other lanes when you’re already fed, so you can give a hand to your teammates. If you’re not sure which champions are good for roaming, here’s the list of the best roaming champions in Season 12 of League of Legends

Mind you, the snowballing champion doesn’t have to be Yasuo – there are quite a few champions that are capable of snowballing. Here’s the list of the best snowballing champions in League of Legends. Now that you know what snowballing is and have an idea of the best LoL snowballing champions, it’s time to get in and get your hands dirty!

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