What Is Tenacity and How Does It Work?

Tenacity is a very underrated ability in League of Legends. Not many players know how does it work. Well, luckily for you, this can be very useful once you learn everything there is to know about tenacity.

For those of you who have played League of Legends before, surely you have heard of tenacity. Tenacity is a well-known stat that reduces the length of most incoming crowd control effects. It does not reduce drowsy, displacements, stasis, suppression, and near sights. Regardless of the champion you’re playing, you don’t want to let tenacity pass you by.

While it’s a great stat for every LoL champion, it’s especially great for those that rely on mobility. 

Today, we are going to introduce you to the tenacity and discuss the uniqueness behind this stat…

Ways to Increase Your Tenacity

During the match, there are various ways you can increase your tenacity bonus. Tenacity can be increased via summoner spells, items, abilities, and runes. We’re going to explain each of these ways for you…

Tenacity Runes and Summoner Spells


Unflinching What Is Tenacity and How Does It Work?

Unflinching will give you a boost of tenacity – this is dependent on summoner spells. For each summoner you have on cooldown, you will get a +10% boost of tenacity. Once you use a summoner spell, you will get a +15% tenacity boost lasting for 10 seconds.

Legend: Tenacity

What Is Legend Tenacity and How Does It Work?

When you go down the Precision rune path, there will be three Legend runes for you to select from – you can choose one. If you choose Legend: Tenacity, naturally, you’re going to receive a boost to your tenacity – this will scale with the champion, minion, and monster kills. At the start of the match, you’ll be granted a +5% bonus, which can grow to a +30% boost. 


Cleanse will come in handy when you’re teamed up with people that have a lot of crowd control abilities. Using Cleanse will remove all disables, except for near sight, suppression, and airborne. You will receive a juicy +65% increase to the tenacity that will last for 3 seconds. 

Items You Can Use to Increase Tenacity in League of Legends

If you want to increase your tenacity in League of Legends, there are a couple of items you can grab.

  • Elixir of Iron

In LoL, you can use elixirs to get a temporary boost to your stats. Elixir of Iron is a great one to have because not only does it give you a +25% increase in tenacity, it will also give you bonus health. 

  • Mercury Treads

Another handy LoL elixir to have would be Mercury’s Treads. Along with a +30% boost to your tenacity, it also offers increased magic resistance. 

  • Sterak’s Gage

Sterak’s Gage is a top choice for many LoL players because it increases various stats. Along with giving a boost to tenacity, it also increases defense and damage. If you take over 400-1800 damage (this is based on level) within 5 seconds and have this item, you will gain a +30% tenacity boost and a shield to protect you.

Champions that Increase Tenacity in LoL

At the time of writing this, there are only two LoL champions that can temporarily increase their tenacity.

  • Garen: Courage

Courage’s passive offers increased magic resistance and armor. When courage has been activated, it will grant a massive +60% tenacity bonus that will last for a short amount of time – 0.75 seconds – activating this will also grant temporary damage reduction.

  • Dr. Mundo: Burning Agony

Dr. Mundo can ignite himself and deal magic damage to those around him. Through Burning Agony, Dr. Mundo can get a nice little tenacity boost – +30%, to be exact. 

Decrease Enemy Champion Tenacity

There are times when you will witness tenacity being reduced to negative values, which will make crowd control effects last for a more extended time (this is never fun).

Ornn’s Brittle can be used to decrease enemy tenacity, and Ornn has two abilities that can cause Brittle – Call of the Forge God and Bellows Breath. While this is great for Ornn, it’s not great for his enemies. 

Can Tenacity be Stacked?

Yes, tenacity can be stacked – it can be stacked both additively and multiplicatively. It’s not easy to tell which combinations of tenacity stack additively and which ones stack multiplicatively…

Are There any Tenacity Limitations?

While tenacity is great in LoL, there are some limitations. It can reduce all CC effects, except:

  • Drowsy
  • Displacement
  • Near sight
  • Suppression 

It’s important to remember that you cannot use tenacity to reduce suppression effects. The champions that suppress their enemies include Mordekaiser, Malzahar, Skarner, Sett, Urgot, Warwick, and Tahm Kench.

The duration of CC reduction is calculated when the CC is applied. If the tenacity stat changes during CC, the reduction isn’t going to change. So you may want to think twice about boosting your tenacity halfway through the CC effect.

Tenacity is Capped

You can achieve a high tenacity stacking bonus, which is great. However, the maximum reduction you get in crowd control from tenacity has been capped. The duration of a CC effect can never go below 0.5 seconds. So it’s not really beneficial to reach more than +80%.


Since tenacity also increases your mobility, the champions that get the most out of tenacity are those that are reliant on mobility. Tanks, bruisers, and assassins need to stay mobile and near their enemy. Most mages and ADCs need to keep a safe distance from their enemy. Tenacity can help these champions deal more damage and live through a fight.

The next time you’re on League of Legends, don’t forget tenacity – it might just save your champion’s life…multiple times.

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