When Does Ranked Season 10 End?

League of Legends Season 10 is soon coming to an end. We will say goodbye to Season 10 on 10th of November, 2020.

2020 has been one hell of a year for League of Legends! Season 10 has reinvented the game and introduced tons of new stuff that changed how we play LoL. The biggest shift, however, was the debut of the elemental dragons during the preseason. Ever since they arrived on Summoner’s Rift, the game has been focused solely around them. And even though the meta has rapidly evolved throughout the year, the mission has stayed the same – pick champions to secure the Dragon Soul!

With that in mind, Riot Games have introduced many new characters that are good at controlling the map. Champions like Sett and Lilia became the face of season 10 just because they are so damn good at dominating the entire Rift. Yone and Samira brought us some new playstyles in League, while the reworks of Volibear and Fiddlesticks made the game ten times more interesting. All in all, season 2020 has been a blast of a year for most League of Legends players.

But, season 11 and 2021 are right on the horizon, so everything is about to change. Once again, Riot Games are reimagining the game, and this time it’s through Mythic and Legendary Items. Overall, big changes are coming our way, and the preseason patch will soon be here for us to test it. And that’s also the time when season 10 is scheduled to end. 

Let’s compare it to the past seasons and see how closely Riot Games follow their format.

  Season – 1

Start – July 13, 2010

End – August 23, 2011

  Season – 2

Start – November 29, 2011

End – November 12, 2012

  Season – 3

Start – February 1, 2013

End – November 11, 2013

  Season – 4

Start – January 10, 2014

End – November 11, 2014

  Season – 5

Start – January 21, 2015

End – November 11, 2015

  Season – 6

Start – January 20, 2016

End – November 8, 2016

  Season – 7

Start – December 8, 2016

End – November 7, 2017

  Season – 8

Start – January 16, 2018

End – November 12, 2018

  Season – 9

Start – January 23, 2019

End – November 7, 2019

  Season – 10

Start – January 23, 2020

End – November 10, 2020

  Season – 11

Start – January, 2021

End – November, 2021

So, the League of Legends ranked season 10 ends on November 10, 2020, at 07:59 GMT. The exact date and time have been revealed in a recent blog post by the developers, and everything is as expected. Riot Games work in a clear scheme where the current season ends right after the World Championship tournament every year. The preseason patch immediately follows, and after two months of tinkering with the changes, the new ranked season hits the live servers.

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The ranked rewards will also be distributed in the two weeks after season 10 ends. November 10 isn’t far off, so if you still haven’t climbed to your desired rank, then you better hurry up! And if you need a little push to do so, then check some of our guides and builds to help you smurf those last few divisions on your way! Good luck, and have fun!

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