When and Why Should You Buy Cull in League of Legends?

There are often times when you’re left wondering what items to buy next. You look up various guides around the internet, and they all seem to be dealing with different situations. Well, this article is no exception, as everything in League of Legends is more or less situational. 

Cull is one of the most situational items and is certainly not seen often in-game. This guide will explain why and when Cull should be purchased, its benefits, flaws, etc. 

So, without wasting too much time on introductions, let’s begin.  

Why Should You Buy Cull? 

Cull is a starter item in League of Legends and is similar in nature to the Doran’s Blade. It gives you damage and some lifesteal, though it is not substantial. By the time you have around 100 damage, any other starter item will outclass Cull in terms of damage and lifesteal. 

But those two stats aren’t what Cull is about, nor will you be buying it as an immediate starter item. Instead, you’ll likely get it on your first back, but we’ll discuss that later. 

Cull has the unique mechanic of giving you 1 extra gold per minion kill. Once you reach 100 extra gold in total, Cull will give you another 350 gold and then stop working. When you sell it, you’ll get another 180-gold back, totaling 630 gold. Cull itself costs 450 gold, which will put you in a 180-gold surplus after the sale.  

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When’s the Best Time to Buy Cull? 

Cull is a farming item. And there are various situations where you might want to purchase this item. 

Firstly, you’ll likely be getting it when you die preemptively. You won’t have enough gold to purchase that core item, and you might as well get Cull to try and get back into the game. A good example is Gangplank, who dies or is forced back before he’s able to purchase Sheen. Since it is his core item and no other item really pays off to buy, most GP players will get Cull to complement their farm.  

Secondly, you might sense that the game will be a farming one. Both you and your opponents are stuck in a permanent lane freeze, slowly farming and racking up gold and XP. It would be beneficial to purchase Cull to increase your income and likely get a gold advantage over your opponent in this scenario. Farming games often happen on the Top Lane with evenly matched Champions or players, so be sure to calculate whether the game will turn out as such. 

If you have extra gold to spare, you might as well get Cull. It will give you even more gold by the end of its passive, and there’s no reason not to.  

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Finalizing Thoughts 

Cull is a good little item in League that most players often overlook. In higher elo, this item gets a lot more attention and deservedly so. Since you, the average Joe, will likely be hovering around Gold elo, be sure to give this item a good look since it might be extremely useful to purchase Cull to get an advantage in gold or to pick yourself back up. I hope you’ve found this guide interesting and informative, and I wish you luck on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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