When are Worlds Pickems Coming Out? (2023)

When are Worlds Pickems Coming Out? (2023)

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most anticipated events in the LoL universe. Organized by Riot games, it’s an annual tournament where teams from different regions around the world compete in matches to showcase their skills and earn rewards. Title of the LoL World Champion is a big deal, signifying teamwork, skill, and a long lasting legacy.

One of the most thrilling parts of LoL Worlds is the Pick’Em challenge that fans look forward to. Fans compete with not just their friends, but players worldwide, to make predictions on how different teams will do in the tournament. Players can gain League points, special awards, and be a part of the end of the year competition.

What is Pick’Em?

What is Pick’Em?

“A game of predictions and upsets,make your picks for which teams will win and lose, earn points, and fight your way to the top of the Global Leaderboard!”

Players make their picks to decide which team will move forward in the tournament, and who wins or loses. Correct predictions will earn players points and rewards. Using all your knowledge of the League of Legends universe, will you be the next player with a perfect Pick?

To be part of the event, you must have a Riot account, and simply need to click on “Get Started” on the Pick’Em website. Just log in to your account, make sure you have a summoner’s name, and get right to it! You will then be directed to the Crystal Ball section and can immediately start placing your predictions.

Players are allowed to switch up their predictions for a while until the predictions close. This is a fun and exciting way for players to showcase their predicting skills and be a part of the tournament!

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball
Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Bigger and better than ever, the Crystal Ball feature allows players to earn prizes and rewards with simple bets. It’s a feature that allows fans to bet on 20 different questions about champions, teams, players and more before the start of the Worlds Play-Ins. Players answer all questions, and are allowed to change their answers before the start of the Play-Ins.

Rewards are earned based on your performance. Each question has a value of 50 points, and after evaluation, the number of points you have earned will be determined with correct crystal ball picks. Players have one week to make their predictions to earn extra coins that could be useful in later stages.

The Coin

A new addition to the Pick’Em is The Coin. Did you forget to place a pick during a stage? Do you not have enough time to log in every week and bet on a result? Or are you simply unsure which pick to make?

The Coin is there to save you the trouble! It will make any random selection for you if you wish, but the points you earn by The Coin this way will be deduced. Moreover, The Coin will not make choices for any Crystal Ball predictions that you were not able to make.

The coin also picks a random selection if you choose to do so. If you decide to flip the coin in order to not miss a stage, you get a random score which will then be locked in and can not be changed. The upside of this method is that if the prediction is correct, your points will not be deducted.

Traditional Pick’EmTraditional Pick’Em

Stages and Points

Play-Ins: It’s the first stage where players try to climb their way to the top. The matches are ready to be predicted starting with the Play-ins knockout, where for each correct pick, five points are awarded.

Group Stage: In this stage, players are awarded two points for every correct guess on which group will move forward in the game. An additional 3 points are rewarded if the order of the groups are also correct. A group can earn a total of 16 points if all of their predictions are correct. Group stage predictions are open once the Play-Ins close.

Knockouts: With the stakes in this stage at an all-time high, correct predictions grant you opportunities to earn points in different phases. A correct prediction for the Quarterfinals will earn you 5 points, 10 for the Semifinals, and 20 points for the Finals.


Rather than a tiered rank system, the Leaderboard is now the new method of keeping track of score. The top 100 players will have a position on the Leaderboard, and can compare their score ranks against players across the globe.

Rewards and Prizes

Players from the qualifying regions can win exciting prizes for both participation and performance. There are rewards for traditional Pick’Em and rewards for Crystal Ball competitions, and players win prizes based on their achievements in both categories.

The only exceptions for this are the following regions:

  • Cuba,
  • Iran,
  • North Korea,
  • Crimea,
  • Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”),
  • Luhansk People’s Republic (“LNR”),
  • Syria,
  • Venezuela,
  • Sudan,
  • Quebec,
  • Philippines,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Macau,
  • Vietnam,
  • Taiwan,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand,
  • Malaysia,
  • Indonesia,
  • China,
  • Myanmar

Participation reward: One Worlds Capsule when you

  • Make a Crystal Ball Pick
  • Make 1 Play-Ins Knockout Stage Pick
  • Make 1 Group Stage Pick
  • Make 1 Quarterfinals Pick

Pick’Em Performance Rewards:

  • Perfect Picks: All Ultimate Skins
  • Top 5,000 Rank: Worlds 2023 Azir Skin + Champion
  • S-Tier Rank (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens + 4 Worlds 2023 Capsules + Kassadin “Excuse Me?” Emote
  • A-Tier Rank (Top 20%): 3 Worlds 2023 Capsules + Kassadin “Excuse Me?” Emote
  • B-Tier Rank (Top 40%): 2 Worlds 2023 Capsules + Kassadin “Excuse Me?” Emote
  • C-Tier Rank (Top 70%): 1 Worlds 2023 Capsule + Kassadin “Excuse Me?” Emote

Once the World Finals come to an end, correct picks from the Crystal Ball will earn you points on a separate leaderboard from the traditional Pick’Em leaderboard.

Crystal Ball rewards

  • Perfect Picks: All Ultimate skins
  • Top 5,000 Rank: Worlds 2023 Azir Skin and champion
  • S-Tier Rank (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens, four Worlds 2023 capsules, and Syndra “Serve!” emote
  • A-Tier Rank (Top 20%): three Worlds 2023 capsules + Syndra “Serve!” emote
  • B-Tier Rank (Top 40%): two Worlds 2023 capsules + Syndra “Serve!” emote
  • C-Tier Rank (Top 70%): one Worlds 2023 capsule + Syndra “Serve!” emote

Perfect Pickers: Any player who manages to have perfect predictions will get a reward of all of the Ultimate League of Legend Skins for free

Where to Watch?

If you’re not an avid LoL player and simply want to sit back and watch the show unfold, there are plenty of options for you to watch the World Finals. Fans and Players can participate in the event by streaming it online on platforms.

The best option to watch the finals is on the official Riot Games website. The final live match will be available for all to watch from the comfort of their couch. Other places to stream the Worlds are the Youtube channel for LoL esports, or on Riot’s Trovo page.


To sum it up, the Pick’Em challenge in the LoL Worlds adds a fun and exciting prospect for all fans and players. The challenge allows players to engage in the championship, boosting the popularity of the game.

Whether players participate in the traditional Pick’Em, make use of the Crystal Ball, or let The Coin make their choices for them, there’s plenty of points and rewards to go around for everyone. With the global tournament held every year, the Pick’Em event will continue to be an opportunity for players to participate, predict, and be a part of the ever growing LoL community.

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