Who is Heimerdinger in Arcane?

Heimerdinger is a League of Legends champion who’s been around for more than 13 years. He looks like a gnome who invented his electric wheelchair and occasionally lit himself on fire, which, honestly, are all things I can get behind. But while he may look silly or even harmless, Heimerdinger is one of the most frustrating champions to fight against in the game, and that’s because of his turrets. 

His turrets appear as mechanical spheres that sit on the ground and shoot at enemy champions and minions alike. They’re one of his core abilities but not just any old machine gun. They’re downright nasty if you don’t know what you’re doing against them (and maybe even if you do).

If you like League of Legends, then you have probably heard about Heimerdinger, the Unbenched Professor. But who is he? And why should you care about him? I will answer these questions in this article and give you some background information about one of the most brilliant minds of Runeterra.

Today we’re going to dive into the world of Arcane and discuss who Heimerdinger is: which classes he belongs to, his abilities, and what his recommended builds are. With that in mind, let’s start!

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Heimerdinger is a Yordle, a race of small and furry creatures. He is a scientist who happens to be an inventor and mage. He has invented many devices that are useful in the game. His inventions will allow you to create powerful weapons that your team can use against the enemy.

He is a genius with a big brain. It means that he can do many things at once and solve problems quickly, but he may not be able to understand some of the problems that other people face because he overthinks his work!

Yordles are very smart, curious, and friendly. They are also very good at building, inventing, and using magic. They love to play with creatures from other worlds like Champions or monsters that live in the Arcane World. Yordles have a long tail that ends with a tuft of fur at the tip, which they use for balance when running around on two legs instead of four paws, as most animals have!

Heimerdinger is a tiny creature about the size of a child. He has large ears and a giant brain. His large nose is quite prominent on his face, giving him an appearance similar to that of an elf or dwarf (the latter being more likely). His long beard flows down from his chin and covers most of his chest.

The Chief Engineer is an inventive genius whose knowledge of magical theory and his eidetic memory makes him a force to be reckoned with. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the arcane arts, which he uses in designing highly advanced weapons and other items. His favorite hobby is blowing stuff up, but he also loves inventing new gadgets that do all sorts of things.

Well, if you’re a fan of crazy science, then you’re sure to love this little guy. He’s like the Yoda of League of Legends—and he’ll be your guide through the arcane world. In addition to being one of the most powerful mages on the planet, Heimerdinger is also a scientist who creates all sorts of gadgets and weapons that are cool and useful. 

Some might think that makes him seem self-centered or arrogant (which would be true), but we find his enthusiasm for invention endearing in its way!

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Who is he in Arcane?

As a scientist, Heimerdinger is one of the most esteemed minds in Piltover. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from the design and construction of hextech gates to the development of various items that are used every day by his fellow citizens. His inventive mind has made him an authority figure in science and progress.

Heimerdinger spends most of his time working on new inventions at the Piltover Academy, but he also serves as headmaster for several students who study under him there. One such student is Ziggs, another Yordle that you can also find in League of Legends.

Heimerdinger has a disciple named Viktor. Both were born into circumstances that limited their choice to become scientists. And both turned to robotics to make up for their limitations. A champion preview for Heimerdinger’s rework said, “Heimerdinger’s unique approach to science has allowed him to develop weapons that would be considered utterly impossible by every other institution in Runeterra, drawing upon resources that are as mysterious as they are dangerous. 

But it wasn’t until recently that the League of Legends intervened, hoping that Heimerdinger could use his creations to work towards the betterment of all Runeterrans if they keep him from blowing himself up first!

Viktor was born into a low-income family in Zaun, but he proved to be a genius at science. As an adult, he became a scientist who worked with robotics and weapons. He was also born with a disease due to his parent’s inability to afford medical care, which may explain why Viktor’s robotic creations are all-terrain and capable of manipulation beyond any other known weapon in Valoran.

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His Greatest Inventions

As an inventor, Heimerdinger is a tinkerer and a thinker. Instead, he would craft his tools and then rely on those he hadn’t created himself. Over the years, he’s made many fantastic gadgets, though they don’t always work as intended. Undeterred, the Yordle keeps iterating until his devices are the best they can be!

Heimerdinger is one of the earliest champions in League of Legends, meaning he’s been around since the game first came out. His skills were already set in stone when he was a newbie at school, but they’ve undergone some adjustments over time as Riot has tried to make him more appealing to players. As such, he’s one of only four champions with an updated model from their original release (the others being Gangplank and Garen).

He was also one of the first champions to be released with a skill shot (Conduit), turrets (H-28G Evolution Turrets), and a passive that makes him heal his turrets.

He was one of the first champions to be released. He’s also known as a champion who can play in many different ways. The kind of player you are and what your team needs from him.

The entire kit revolves around his turrets, which he throws down onto the map. You can upgrade them to deal more damage and shoot faster, or you can choose to have them inflict lower damage but fire more bullets at once. The choice is yours!

Heimerdinger’s turrets are undoubtedly an essential part of his kit. His entire kit revolves around these things, so you must know how to use them effectively. First, you should know that you can upgrade turrets through his Passive, E, Q, and R abilities. You’ll start with one turret for each ability, but by the end of your build, you’ll have three turrets. Each upgrade will improve a different aspect: damage per second (DPS), attack speed, and the maximum number of bullets shot at once.

In the early game, turrets are great for zoning enemies and denying vision. Suppose you place your turret on an enemy jungle campsite. In that case, you can deny them any gold they might have gotten from that camp while simultaneously denying them valuable resources like health and mana from killing jungle monsters. 

You can also use your turrets to help allies by placing them on top of or nearby allied minions. It will cause the enemy minions to attack your turrets instead of your allies!


To sum it all up, Heimerdinger is an interesting character because he’s so different from most other champs in the game. He has a niche that not many other champions can fill, and his support-like playstyle makes him a good choice if you’re looking to branch out into new roles or strategies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the lore behind Heimerdinger, one of the League’s most iconic champions. We’ve covered everything from his past to his present. And even a bit of what may be in store for the future. 

As we continue to learn new things about him in-game and follow our favorite Yordle on his journey through Runeterra, I encourage you all to keep up with these updates and keep playing! He is not a character who will become stale anytime soon.

Heimerdinger is an interesting character and a great addition to the Arcane universe. We love him for his unique personality, quirky mannerisms, and boundless creativity. He’s also accommodating sometimes, making us want him even more! In the comments below, let us know what you think about our favorite Yordle inventor.

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