Who is Mel in Arcane?

Who is Mel in Arcane Netflix series?

Arcane is a new show by Riot Games, creators of League Of Legends. In this article, I’ll be covering who Mel Medarda is.

In the world-building epic of Arcane, there are multiple theories about who Mel is. Is she an insane and evil spy? Or is she a victim of circumstances beyond her control? The answer could be either or both. There are many clues throughout the series that point to her true nature. 

One of those clues is Mel herself, who has changed over time. She was once an almost evil person, but the events in Arcane have slowly turned her into something much more than human. Aside from that, many elements of Mel’s personality could reveal who she is. We’ll give you some hints about who she is, and you can conclude that.

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Mel Medarda

Mel Medarda is a noxian aristocrat that lives and serves Piltover on a council. Mel’s primary goal is to solve every crisis through diplomacy. Since this was teaching, her brother taught her. She is the one that helps Jayce become who he is now.

Mel Medarda is a person of considerable power and influence in Piltover. She’s a member of the Medarda family, which has been leading the city for many generations. Until recently, she was also a member of the Arcane Council (the governing body of Piltover) until recently. 

Given all this, you’d think Mel would be one of those characters with nothing but good things to say about what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. But like most people, Mel isn’t quite so clear-cut as that.

While Mel remains loyal enough to her family and Piltover that she doesn’t want them harmed by Noxians or anyone else, she seems willing to work with any group if it means furthering her own goals. And those goals may not always be clear or even positive for other people in Piltover!

You may recognize Mel Medarda from the teaser trailer for Arcane! She’s a member of the Medarda family and an important figure in Piltover, who often stands at the center of conflicts between political factions.

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Her Relationship With Jayce

Who is Mel in Arcane? Netflix

In the beginning, Jayce was just a normal kid who caught a glimpse of the world beyond his own. His new family didn’t have much money and struggled to get by, so Mel helped out when she could. Eventually, she introduced Jayce to another person she thought would benefit from his talents: her boss at the time, Heimerdinger. It is the beginning of our hero’s journey!

Later Mel would become the lover of Jayce and one of the most influential figures in Piltover. She uses this power to manipulate his emotions and get him to do what she wants, but he gets a lot more than he bargained for when he falls in love with her. 

Mel is also a member of the Medarda family, which you might recognize as being prominent in both League lore and Arcane’s pre-release media promotion.

To get more power over the city, Mel manipulates Jayce into doing her bidding by playing up their relationship. She’s an influential figure in the Arcane world and closely connected with one of its leaders. In this way, she uses Jayce as a means to an end. And it works! He falls for her lies and tricks and gives her exactly what she wants: access to more power within Piltover.

Her Part in the Council

She is also a member of the Arcane Council, which is what keeps everything together in Piltover. They’re like a governing body that makes sure things go smoothly. And this is where Mel comes in. As you can see from her title card, she has power and influence over her immediate family and others who owe her a favor through politics or business.

Mel Medarda is a noxian aristocrat that lives and serves Piltover on a council. She has a strong sense of justice and believes in solving every crisis through diplomacy. Her brother taught her this. Who took care of her after their parents died in the Last Battle. Mel is the one that helps Jayce become who he is now, despite his family’s disapproval of his choices.

She believes in finding the best in people, even when they show their worst side. She makes sure everyone has fair representation on the Council and enforces the laws of Piltover without bias or favoritism.

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Her Brother and its Mystery.

Let’s start with some background on Mel. He is the younger brother of Kino, a prominent Noxian soldier, and bears an uncanny resemblance to his mother, Ambessa Medarda. He was an ambassador for many years in various countries across Runeterra. And has been invited to join the Noxian Council as part of its Diplomacy Council! 

Now he’s getting ready for another assignment at home: meeting with King Jarvan III during the Summit (an annual event where leaders from all over Valoran come together). To discuss how best for each country’s leader to ensure peace among their people moving forward into this new era.

Kino, her brother, raised her. The two grew up together as siblings. He taught her everything she needed to know about becoming an officer within Noxus’s military ranks.

Mel thinks diplomacy is always better than war when dealing with difficult situations—inside your borders or when trying to work out differences between nations. His goal throughout his career has been solving every crisis through diplomacy, but sometimes that means making tough choices along the way. Like having conversations, no one else wants him to have with people who aren’t always willing participants.

Her Help in Hextech

Who is Mel in Arcane? Helping with Hextech

Mel is a noxian aristocrat and member of the Council of Piltover. She has long been an ally of Jayce and Viktor, helping them when they were investigating the origins of magic combined with technology in their work together.

Mel’s Mother, Ambessa Medarda

Mel’s mother is a noxian general named Ambessa Medarda. She’s part of the noxian army and wants to get control of the city because she thinks it will be good for her country. She pushes Mel to take control, or a full invasion could happen.

You may not have heard of Noxus in Runeterra, but it’s a big part of the League of Legends lore. Boram Darkwill founded the empire, which was obsessed with uniting all regions through strength and power. He formed a team of powerful mages and warriors to help him accomplish this goal. 

They became known as the Black Rose, and their mission was to conquer all other nations through any means necessary and bring them into Noxus’ fold.

They want their homeland to be robust and feared by all who know its name more than anything else. You think that if Noxus can unite all the regions through strength, it will finally gain the respect it deserves from other nations (and perhaps even become strong enough to conquer them). 

That’s why they started a war against all of them: not just because you’re good at fighting magical creatures but because you believe proving yourself on the battlefield will help convince others that your cause is honorable. And it might even make your country stronger too!

Noxus is a dangerous empire in Runeterra and League of Legends. It’s a powerful and influential empire, with its roots tracing back to the first days of League’s lore. Noxus has been around since the very beginning, and it is still one of the most critical regions in Runeterra today.

You may have guessed, but Mel’s mother is a noxian general named Ambessa Medarda. She and her army are in control of Brightoak and are pushing for Mel to take over the city. If she doesn’t do this soon, a full-scale invasion could happen.

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Mel Family’s History

Mel didn’t want anything to do with her mother or his clan’s war. She learned to deal with problems diplomatically. Her mother, Ambessa, also showed Mel how to use power for the greater good of all living things. So it came as a shock when Mel realized she would have to use her powers to stop the war. Between Noxus and Piltover once and for all!

As you can see from her dialogue and appearance, Mel didn’t want anything to do with her mother or his clan’s war. Mel has trained a lot in how to fight, but not how to kill someone. Mel wasn’t looking forward to being dragged into a war that would take years of wasted effort and lives lost over something she couldn’t understand.

If you’re still confused about who Mel is after reading all this, don’t be! Check out my next post on Arcane, where I talk about how I came up with their names!

As a child, she often spent time with her brother, helping in the fields near their home. Mel never liked fighting and preferred to keep things simple and calm. Her parents taught her to treat everyone with respect, even if they were not being respectful. 

Even though Mel did not want anything to do with the Noxian side of this family feud, she knew that it would eventually come down on her whether she liked it because Ambessa Medarda is one of the most ruthless generals in all of Noxus. And you don’t become a general unless you’re willing to fight for your cause!


We do know that she’s not an ally of Jayce. She could be a spy from Noxus working undercover, or perhaps she’s allied with a dark force in Piltover like Vi. Whatever her true identity is, it’s clear that Mel is not to be trusted or underestimated!

We hope that this article has helped clarify the mysterious Mel character in Arcane. We know that she can sometimes be hard to figure out, but if you consider our tips, you’ll soon be able to understand.

While Mel is not a character in the game, she could come eventually as the series progresses. We have covered Mel’s story and the rules by which she plays. Now that you know more about who Mel is and what she offers in Arcane, we hope you’re excited to see her story in the future!

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