Who is Silco in Arcane?

Who is Silco in Arcane Netflix series?

The world of the Arcane franchise has a range of characters that are fun to watch, and one of the most exciting and complicated is Silco. This character might be strange, but he’s also pretty interesting!

The first season of the hit Netflix series Arcane ended, and now everyone is wondering about the mysterious Silco. This post will explore some of our best theories about who he might be.

The Internet is full of wild speculation about the true identity of Silco, the main character in the popular series Arcane. The series developers have played up this mystery by refusing to issue an official statement on the matter. 

But that hasn’t stopped legions of fans from posting their theories in online forums, Reddit threads, and Youtube comment sections. This article will look at ten possibilities for who Silco might be. And why they appeal to so many players and watchers.

Among the many characters of Arcane, Netflix’s new Tv series, Silco stands out like no other. At first, from the trailers, people saw him as an essential villain. But would earn a place in everyone’s heart as one of the most memorable characters from the series. This post contains mild spoilers for Arcane, so please come back after you’ve watched the series!

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Who is Silco?

Who is Silco in Arcane?

Silco is a criminal mastermind from the underground city of Piltover, who he would later give the name of Zaun. He is the one that gave it that name. His backstory consists of him and Vander trying to form a revolution against the higher-ups at Piltover. 

The people of Zaun suffered a lot from the oppression of Piltover for far too long, and Silco wanted to liberate them. But Vander betrayed him because he saw Silco as someone evil that would do whatever it took to get what he wanted, even if that purpose would help people. The means didn’t quite meet the ends.

Vander would try to drown Silco on the rivers of Zaun, but he survived and has been planning his revenge ever since. In the future, he would ally himself with Singed, a mad scientist that would help him create a strange drug. He used this drug called Shimmer to recruit an army of superhumans that would eventually try to overtake Piltover.

Silco is the main antagonist of Arcane. He is a master of manipulation who seeks to control the world using his criminal empire, the Society. He wants to destroy all forms of government and replace them with his own rule. 

He also plans to use violence, terror, and fear to accomplish this goal. Silco is willing to do anything to achieve his goals; as such, he will murder innocent people if it helps him achieve his goals or gain more power.

Silco is a master of manipulation and has been for some time. He’s a criminal mastermind who preys on those close to him to take advantage of them and get what he wants. It’s not hard to see why he’s the main antagonist in Arcane: Silco is a highly manipulative character who easily bends people around his finger.

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Silco In-Game (TFT)

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game released in 2009 by Riot Games. A MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is a video game genre where players control one character on a team and work together with their teammates to defeat the other teams and win the match. 

League of Legends is incredibly popular, with over 100 million active monthly players as of 2023. Its popularity has also led to several spin-off games, such as Teamfight Tactics, which features many characters from the original game but with different gameplay mechanics than the first game—one of those characters: is Silco.

Silco is one of the characters from the most recent League of Legends (LoL) game mode, Teamfight Tactics. Silco is a ranged fighter with an attack range of four and uses skills that do not require targeting. His passive, Impale causes his basic attacks to deal bonus damage on top of the target’s maximum health.

His first active skill is Shimmer which makes him boost an ally, who would later die and deal damage to the enemy. This skill will also cancel any other actions he was performing when activated and can be used to escape damage or harass enemies. It means that if other enemies nearby see the critical hit happen, it won’t occur!

You can play against friends or strangers, with a team of friends, without a team, and more!

To learn more about the characters and other elements of Arcane, check out their website. You can also read our official website for more information about Arcane.

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Why Do People Like Him?

Why do people like Silco from Arcane Netflix?

Silco is a character who is hard to understand. He’s not like other characters in Arcane, and he isn’t necessarily someone you would want to be friends with. However, if you spend some time with him, then it may be possible for you to see the good in him.

Silco wants power so that he can change things for the better. At first glance, this might seem selfish: why should anyone care about what Silco wants? But if we take a second look at his motives, then maybe we’ll find something more going on here than just wanting power for power’s sake!

Silco is the main antagonist of Arcane and a powerful mastermind. He commands an army of criminals, including soldiers, augmented, and drug lords. Silco’s influence is so strong that he can turn people into monsters just by looking at them!

But he’s not all bad. Silco has a kind heart; he wants to help others who were born in similar situations as him. To do this, he wants to unify the underground of Zaun and liberate them from Piltover’s oppression.

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His Relationship With Jinx

When Powder blew up Silco’s lab and accidentally killed her friends, Silco found her. She fought with his sister Vi and was troubled. Silco would usually not care about her. After all, she was the adoptive daughter of his enemy Vander

But he saw something in her. Something that he had done before. Both of them knew betrayal by their family and were left alone.

Silco saw this and took care of Powder and eventually would help her become the Jinx we know today. 

While Jinx was a little over the place, Silco loved her and always covered her back when she did something over the line. It would ultimately backfire on him, but we will let you learn more about that since the series is worth it!


I hope this post helped clear up some common confusion about Silco. Out of the many characters introduced in Arcane, he’s one of the most mysterious. 

There are still plenty of questions left unanswered, though. What is he doing at the end of his episodes? Will we ever know more about him or see him again?

One thing’s for sure: Silco is one excellent character and deserves to be appreciated. We hope this blog post has shed some light on what makes her such a memorable character!

It’s been fantastic to learn more about his story and share what I know with you guys! Please leave any questions or comments below so we can continue discussing this character!

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