Who is Vander in Arcane?

Who is Vander in Arcane Netflix?

“Arcane” is the new animated series based on the world of “League of Legends,” one of the most popular video games in the world.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that pits two teams of five against each other in real-time. Many people have played or watched League of Legends.

Arcane will follow the story of young characters from Piltover, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Ekko, survivors of a great revolution that ravaged their city. They encounter many tragedies that eventually turn them apart, but they will find a way to escape it all.

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Who is Vander?

Vander, played by J. B. Blanc in the new Netflix show Arcane, is one of the fascinating characters in the show. He’s a criminal mastermind with a heart of gold that wants to take care of his people. 

Vander takes care of the main cast of characters when they are just kids. And he’s been able to help them grow into strong adults that have been able to do well for themselves and find their path in life. Vander runs everything in the underworld crime scene and has much power over what happens in Zaun.

“Who is Vander?” is a question on the lips of everyone who has watched Arcane, Netflix’s new reality-bending series about teens with superpowers. 

While other characters like Gabriel and Barrett have been more front-and-center in the show, Vander is the most mysterious of all. But we do know some things about him.

Vander is an interesting character because he wants to do what is right, but he has his way of doing it that ends up backfiring on him. I think Vander makes a great villain and anti-hero because he is so fleshed out, and you can connect with him in many ways. Vander does not have any powers and does not use magic at all but uses his brains instead to get ahead.

Without going into too many spoilers, let’s say that not everything goes well for him, and the kids will have to learn to take care of themself without him. 

Vander has a kind of brother named Silco. They were both revolutionaries at one time. And they had the same idea about what they wanted for their city. 

But eventually, Vander betrayed him because Silco wanted to take things too far and ultimately drifted apart. Their stories mimic the stories of Vi and Jinx. And they ultimately made Silco more empathetic towards Jinx.


Who is Vander in Arcane? Warwick

The backstory of Warwick as we know it before his rework is that he was a man who lived in the city of Zaun with his family. He was a scientist for a company called the “Sanguine Alchemy,” which did experiments on humans affected by chemicals to increase their strength and endurance.

After one such experiment, Warwick’s young son went missing, and he became obsessed with finding him. He eventually discovered that someone had stolen his son’s body from the lab where they had performed the procedure and left it in ruins.

While Riot scraped much of this story for his rework, it can be important for clues to what could happen in the future to Vander.

In League, Warwick is a werewolf who, like all werewolves, has to feed on another living creature’s blood to survive. He has incredible survivability and can sustain himself in jungle fights thanks to his ultimate ability, Eternal Thirst. Warwick’s passive attack speed helps him quickly shred foes and dogs alike.

However, Warwick isn’t just a tank. He can also dish out plenty of damage if you have enough mana at your disposal. His auto-attacks are decent but not great. However, when combined with his abilities, they become devastatingly powerful. 

You’ll want to build items that increase your mana pool to maximize your potential as an aggressive jungler who can rip through lanes once they reach level six or seven.

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Their Backstories

Vander was a human who Vander transformed into a monster by Zaun. He turned into a monster by Singed. In the finale, there are hints about his iconic claw and what will happen to him next season.

While Vander and Warwick are not alike physically, they hint at the transformation. They’re two of the essential characters we follow throughout the series. 

The show does an incredible job of balancing its storylines with other heroes like Jinx, Ekko, Viktor, Jayce, and others without making anyone feel left out or forgotten about (except maybe Caitlyn).

Both Vander and Warwick have a similar backstory. They both were born in the land of Zawn and grew up with their family there. They drift apart when we come to the details about Vander, him being a criminal and all. 

We don’t know The backstory of the person known as Warwick in the game, just a poor soul trapped by singed.

Both Vander and Warwick have similar personalities. They both tend to be hot-headed and stubborn but are also kindhearted people who want nothing more than peace for themselves and their loved ones.

Both Vander and Warwick have a similar design. They possess long white hair that flows behind them when they move, really muscular and pale skin tones with hints of red blush around them, giving them a youthful appearance, despite being middle-aged men.

Warwick is a monster in Runeterra that Zaun created. He mentions knowing Vi and Jinx during his lore, so he could have been the one that trained them.

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The Theories

This theory would make sense because Warwick is in Zaun, located on Piltover, just like where Arcane takes place. Other signs point towards this being true as well. 

When Vander first meets Silco, he mentions how familiar he feels fighting hand to hand even though they’ve never met before, which could mean that she reminds him of someone from his past.

Vander was probably just an ordinary human before Zaun made him into one of their abominations!

In conclusion, we can say that Vander and Warwick are likely related. They both come from a long line of hunters bred by Zaun to be perfect killing machines. 

If not for their wicked claws and jaws, then their keen senses and feral cunning. It does not mean that they are the same person–but it does mean there is more to the Warwick family than meets the eye.

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