Who is Vi in Arcane?

Vi is one of the main characters in the new Netflix show Arcane. This article will look at Vi and her role in the series. Are you watching League of Legends’ animated series? We are too! 

That’s why we’re writing this blog post about Vi from Arcane. We’ll talk about who she is, what she does in Arcane, and who she reminds us of. We think exploring this character with all of our readers will be fun!

If you haven’t seen Arcane yet (or if you’re new to this thing), you might wonder what it’s all about.

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Arcane is a show, and it’s on Netflix. It has many different characters and stories, but the main character is Vi. The show takes place in the world of League of Legends, which Riot Games also created. 

It’s an online video game you can play on your computer or mobile device, but it’s just a story-based adventure game with some light RPG elements thrown in.

Arcane is a TV show on the Netflix platform, but it’s also more. It’s not just about League of Legends, but about the character Vi and her sister, Jinx, in League of Legends. Arcane was written by Michael Vogel and directed by Nick Copus—the same two people responsible for making Vi one of the most badass women in all of Piltover (and fiction).


Vi is a character in the game League of Legends. She’s also a tough girl. The Vi in Arcane is not quite the same as the one you know and love from LoL. She’s a little younger and playing different roles (though she still has her signature gauntlets eventually). 

But we’re working with what we’ve got here: the common theme between Vi in Arcane and Vi in LoL is her strength and fierceness.

Vi is a well-rounded character who can do anything you need her to do! If that means fighting criminals or helping out the innocents, Vi will find an efficient way of doing it, even if this means kicking some butt first before getting down to business.

Vi in League

In the game, Vi is a criminal vigilante, but she is also a good guy. She seeks justice and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. You can compare this to how Batman is both a hero who fights crime and Batman is also a criminal himself since he breaks the law when he fights criminals. 

Vi is a criminal, but we may see her join Caitlyn in the future as part of the police force. It happens in the game, and Vi becomes a cop of Piltover. She also has a relationship with Jinx, a member of her childhood gang.

If you want to play as Vi in League of Legends, you should first know that there are two ways to unlock her: buy an Arcane box or earn enough Influence Points on your account through playing matches (or completing missions).

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Her Sister Jinx

Vi and Jinx are both from the city of Piltover. Vi is a police officer who, through a particular mishap, has escaped the criminal life herself. Jinx is also a criminal, and she works with Vi occasionally. They’re both so similar that they could be sisters! And that’s what the show is all about—exploring that relationship.

What makes them different? Vi’s job is to capture offenders like Jinx while Jinx isn’t working on behalf of anyone other than her self-interest. They’re also different because one’s an officer of the law while the other doesn’t even conceal her crimes. She embraces them!

So, you may be wondering who these two characters are. Are they friends? Are they working together? Let’s dig into some lore.

Vi is from Piltover, and so are her enemies Jinx and Silco(a criminal). She’s a police officer, so she fights against them. Jinx is also from Piltover and works for Vi’s enemy Silco(a criminal). Jinx is also a criminal herself! Vi is from Piltover and Zaun. She’s the main character of the League of Legends game, where she fights for justice alongside her best friend (and sometimes rival) Jinx.

In addition to appearing as a playable character in several video games and comics, Vi has made many appearances as a cosplayer at conventions worldwide!

Why do People Like Vi so Much

There are many reasons why people like Vi. She is a strong woman, and she knows how to fight. She can be a great leader when she needs to be. People also like that she’s good at what she does, whether fighting or helping others in Arcane. There are many reasons why people like Vi so much as well:

She is a good friend who will help anyone out of trouble, even if it means putting herself in danger for them.

She has been through some rough times in her life but has become stronger than before. It makes her an inspiration to others going through similar hardships or situations, as well as those who want something more from life but don’t know where to start looking for answers about how they can achieve their goals!

Vi is a very likable character, and the reason for this is because she is so many things to so many people. She’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to fight or stand up for herself. She can be stubborn sometimes, but that’s what makes her strong. Vi also has excellent leadership qualities. She knows how to inspire those around her and get them involved in the cause at hand. Vi is also an excellent role model: she’s not afraid of hard work, loves helping others, and fights for justice when needed. The list goes on!

Vi isn’t just a character in Arcane; she also represents all these things for us here at Arcane! We love that Vi enjoys being herself no matter what anyone else thinks about it (just like us). We’ve been inspired by her determination throughout the book series so far. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure full of mysteries and criminals!

Vi also has a sense of humor that makes her an awesome friend. She knows how to make you laugh when you need it most! She’s also incredibly loyal: if someone close to her needs help or support in any way, Vi won’t hesitate to lend them what they need, even if it’s just someone else who can listen when they need someone most.

Vi and Caitlyn

Vi is a police officer, and Caitlyn is a detective. They’re both in the force together, but Vi’s more of an on-the-field cop than Caitlyn is. She has experience with hand-to-hand combat, but her job is to look into cases and collect evidence while Caitlyn puts the pieces together. 

Their relationship is romantic. They’re excellent friends who spend time together outside of work! They’ve worked together for years, and in the show, we can see the starting point of that relationship.

You may have noticed that Vi is a criminal in the show. However, she was also a cop in the game. You can see this because she has a police badge on her shoulder. But what if we did this? What if we made her join Caitlyn as part of the police force? It would be awesome because you could see Vi and Caitlyn working together and trying to catch criminals!

In the show, Vi is a criminal, and Caitlyn knows this. She is trying to get Vi out of trouble. In the game, Vi becomes an officer of Piltover. It shows us that Caitlyn can be very persuasive and that she may be able to convince Vi to join her in being a cop as well!

Both Vi and Caitlyn are cops in their way: Vi takes charge when things get tough (like when she uses her Hextech gauntlets to deal out pain), whereas Caitlyn thinks before she acts, so she can make sure every move counts. 

She’s very tactical whenever she fights enemies too.

So this means that you can expect them to be together at some point in their storyline. Players are encouraged to make friends with both characters because they have an essential connection: they’ve been through many adventures together and now work closely as colleagues on the same team.

Vi is not confirmed to be gay yet. However, some fans have speculated about it. But there are strong hints out there!

It’s also possible that we’ll see Caitlyn as more than just a cop. There’s been talk about making her mayor of Piltover once more time goes by. If this happens, we may expect to see even more efforts put into protecting all citizens from any further harm or wrongdoing committed by any individuals, including those guilty of crimes past or present (such as Vi).

In conclusion, I think Vi can become part of Caitlyn’s team at some point, but only time will tell how things go after season 2 of Arcane. In both cases, it seems like she’s happier being on the right side of justice.


Vi is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She has a fun personality, a great kit, and is beloved by many players for her attitude. The show will give us more insight into who Vi was before becoming a cop, her rise to fame as Jinx’s best friend and partner in crime, and some backstory on why Caitlyn was so interested in catching them both in the first place. (https://www.hitc.com/)  

We have yet to see what happens next, but we can only wait patiently until then!

We’re hoping that Riot will expand on her more in the future. All in all, Vi may be the scrappy newcomer to the League of Legends roster, but she’s quickly become a fan favorite. She is tough and confident but also sensitive enough to understand what others are going through. 

We can’t wait for more skins for her to come out in future updates!

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Vi. In the game, she’s a pretty fun champion, and I highly recommend you give her a try! She can be very rewarding but also really frustrating at times. But she’s so fun to play that I think the frustration is worth it.

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