Why Are Valorant Skins So Expensive?

Valorant has seen massive success over the past two years and one of the major reasons for its success is the reachability of the game. 

Valorant is free to play and is nothing close to demanding when it comes to the system specs. With that in mind, we can’t forget that the very basic purpose of the game is to generate revenue, and for that Riot Games introduces cosmetics. 

Weapon skins are the most popular cosmetic of the game but the players have some complaints when it comes to that, so stick with us as we explain to you why your favorite Valorant skin is so expensive.

According to Riot Games, the reason for the skins to be so pricey relates to a lot of time being put into designing them, designing a weapon skin can even take up to a year according to the creators.

Skins can really help the game be more interesting for you, let’s jump in and take a look at some of the most expensive skins in Valorant and see if they are worth buying or just an overpriced redundancy.

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Best Valorant Skins

There are hundreds of skins in Valorant, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for the players to decide which ones to buy. Let’s have look at some of the coolest and most popular Valorant weapon skins so you can make a better choice.

1. Reaver 

Reaver is one of the most popular skins available in Valorat, you can spot a Reaver skin in every second match you play. 

Reaver has a dark and evil-looking design if you like to play in the shadows, Reaver is the best skin for you. 

Reaver bundle can be bought for 7100 Valorant Points, although its most popular piece is the Vandal and is said be arguably the best Vandal skin in the game. With subtle effects and firing animation, Reaver skins can be called a fair deal.

2. Oni

Oni, just like Reaver is one of the oldest skin bundles and has a design based on, Japanese mythology. 

Oni bundle has 4 color design variants, each representing a different aspect of the Japanese culture. Oni has a really satisfying kill effect which is the main reason for this skin’s popularity, although the finisher is also quite cool. 

One thing that seems missing from Oni is a firing sound and animation, Oni has no effect on the firing animation and sound of a weapon. The most popular item in the Oni bundle is the Phantom. Oni is a decent choice if you want to have a subtle effect from the skins.

3. Glitch Pop

Where Oni and Reaver give us a dark and subtle vibe, Glitch Pop tries to be as colorful and vibrant as possible. 

If you like vibrant colors, Glitch Pop is the skin for you. From satisfying firing sounds to a loud and glowing finisher, Glitch Pop is here to finish any gloominess in the game. 

Glitch Pop has 4 shiny variants and 2 volumes, so it’s one of those skins that cover maximums weapons. Phantom and Vandal both are popular items of Glitch Pop. The best display of Glitch Pop is from a rather controversial weapon, Odin. 

4. Prime 

Prime was the first skin bundle that had effects in it and its popularity since its release two years ago has only increased. It is a little hard to explain the design of Prime in words, it needs to be experienced hands-on but if we were to choose a word to explain it, we would say, rigid. 

Using a Prime skin just feels fitting and satisfying, it also has two volumes, with a few differences in design and colors, the original Prime bundle has 4 colors, if you’re confused about which sins to buy, Prime is a safe option for you.

Effect of Skins on Gameplay

Riot Games confirms that these skins provide no competitive advantage and are only for cosmetic purposes but the majority of the players disagree. 

Of course, these skins don’t enhance your weapons but the firing sounds of some of the skins are so satisfying that it seems they have a lower recoil or aim assist.

Playing with weapon skins gives you a generally good feeling and you might have observed in many matches that once you get hold of skin you start performing a little better.

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Spectrum: The Most Expensive Skin in Valorant

While we are on the subject of the pricing of skins, it seems necessary to talk about the most expensive skin that Valorant has released to this day. Spectrum is a skin released by collaborating with Zedd a popular German Russian DJ and an active Valorant player. 

Spectrum skins give you a unique vibe as soon as you hold them, the theme of modern music can be seen in every inch of a Spectrum skinned weapon. Is this skin bundle worth paying $100 for? That is for you to decide.

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