Why Do League Players Hate Yasuo So Much?

If you’ve been playing League for some time now, you’ve probably noticed that whenever you get a Yasuo main on your team, he ends up having a 1/15 score or something like that. And, on the other side, when he’s in your opponent’s team, he usually carries the game. If you thought that you’re the only one who noticed that, don’t worry because you’re not.

Why is Yasuo banned so much?

Ever since he was released, or to be more specific from Patch 6.15, Yasuo has almost never left the spot as the most banned champion in the low elo of League of Legends. But why is that? Are people scared of him? Is Yasuo broken? Well, buckle your seatbelts because I’m going to give you the three most common reasons why people often ban Yasuo.

1.  Better Safe Than Sorry

The most common reason why people always ban Yasuo is the perception that any Yasuo on your team will feed and troll the game, while when he’s in your opponent’s team, he will carry the game by himself.

2. Comeback King 

When it comes to the comebacks, there’s no better champion in that than Yasuo. He can get smashed throughout the whole game, but once he gets the right items, he suddenly transforms into a hyper carry who can solo carry the game.

3. He’s stronger than he should be

Yasuo is a hyperscaling high mobility fighter with an incredibly strong early game, and his W (Windwall) can negate an entire champion’s kit. He doesn’t use any mana, and he can completely sustain off the wave. Did you know that Riot Games designers have gone on record and said that Yasuo has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game and that’s he’s practically not balanced? That’s why a bad player is extra bad on him, while a good player is extra good on him.

Why is Yasuo so popular?

Whenever he’s not banned, there’s a 99% chance that someone will pick him in the champion select. Why? Allow me to explain. Even though someone doesn’t know how to play with Yasuo, they’ll still pick him because he’s so much fun to play. I have personally picked Yasuo plenty of times in my games just because he’s so much fun to play, but I never picked him in my ranked games, so if you were thinking about doing that, please don’t.

Another reason why Yasuo is popular is his hyperscaling ability (as we mentioned previously in the article). You can lose your lane, get smashed throughout the whole game, get flamed by your whole team, but once you get the right items, you can basically win the game by yourself with just one good ultimate.

Why is Yasuo a Meme?

Since he’s one of the most picked champions in the game, people have started making jokes about him on social media because they can all relate. Let’s admit it, we’ve all had a terrible Yasuo player on our team at least once in our ranked games. Well, since many people had a terrible Yasuo main in their team, they slowly started making memes about him on social media, and since most League players could relate to those memes, he has become the most popular League of Legends meme.

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