How To Play Wild Rift With A Controller?

How To Play Wild Rift With A Controller?

The newest and most impressive addition to the League of Legends gamespace, Wild Rift is available exclusively on mobile devices. 

It doesn’t matter if you play LOL on your own computer or MOBA games on your smartphone—Wild Rift is everyone’s new favorite game. 

Due to the fact that it takes place in the same universe as League of Legends, it is considered to be one of the top MOBA games. Nevertheless, there is one question that pops into my head, and that is whether or not Wild Rift Controller Support is now available. 

Controllers are useful partners when playing on a smartphone since they provide a significant advantage in mobility and control. As a result, we were successful in putting together this post to provide a solution to this query.

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Is Support for the Wild Rift Controller Currently Available?

Sadly, League of Legends Wild Rift does not yet support official controllers of any kind. The creators of League of Legends want you to enjoy touch-based gaming on the wild rift as much as possible, which is why controller support is not available on the wild rift. 

It is not just any mobile online battle arena (MOBA) game that can be played on a smartphone; rather, the developers devoted their time to creating the game.

The results are stunning because of how well the controls for League of Legends Wild Rift work. It is not even necessary to attach anything more in order to improve performance. 

The game’s touch controls and motions have already been optimized to the point that anyone can enjoy playing it. 

Everyone may enjoy the game, whether they are seasoned professionals of mobile online battle arenas on smartphones or complete beginners who have never played a game on a mobile device before. 

However, there is a potential that we may go through below for you to use the controller to play the game if it is something that you are interested in doing.

Using Controller without Official Support

As such, you are unable to play the game directly using the controller; nevertheless, there is always another route that you may walk on. 

You will need to download the League of Legends Wild Rift application onto your personal computer in order to use the controller to play the game. There is a vast selection of emulators (for Android) that are freely available. 

You can try to connect the controller to your own computer after installing an emulator, downloading Wild Rift for that emulator, and then trying to connect the controller.

Doing so is neither challenging nor extremely difficult. Emulators allow most players to play games designed for Android, consoles, and other platforms on their personal computers. They are risk-free to use, and you may take advantage of the adaptability they provide. 

You won’t be able to use a controller with Wild Rift because that feature isn’t currently supported, but you may play the game using an emulator instead. 

It’s possible that some of you are scratching your heads and asking why on earth someone would contemplate utilizing an emulator for the controller. We will discuss the benefits of utilizing an emulator and controller in the next section.

Top Emulators that Are Compatible with Controllers

The mobile gaming business has been completely upended by the rise of emulators. Users are able to play games on their personal computers rather than having to rely on their mobile devices thanks to these softwares.

The following is a curated list of the most popular emulators that may be used to play Wild Rift on a personal computer.

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks How To Play Wild Rift With A Controller?

BlueStacks is widely regarded as the quickest and most stable Wild Rift emulator available, and it has a user base that numbers in the millions. BlueStacks, in addition to being compatible with Mac and Windows, comes equipped with a huge number of wonderful features that significantly improve the overall quality of the gaming experience for its users. (Tramadol)

2. GameLoop

GameLoop How To Play Wild Rift With A Controller?

GameLoop is an all-inclusive emulator that was once known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. It enables you to play almost any game on your personal computer. It is one of the most powerful Android emulators, and because of this, it provides a user-friendly process to install Wild Rift and play it on a Windows computer.

3. LDPlayer

LD Player How To Play Wild Rift With A Controller?

LDPlayer is a Wild Rift PC emulator that is both lightweight and very efficient, and it comes with a broad variety of features that are geared at gaming. 

Because of its excellent features, such as high frame rate and visual support, greater keyboard mapping control, and macros, LDPlayer is regarded as a respectable substitute for BlueStacks by a significant number of serious gamers.

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Support for the Wild Rift Controller — Benefits of Using an Emulator

1. Big Screen

When playing a MOBA game on an emulator, having a screen that is larger and of higher quality is beneficial to the overall experience.

When playing a MOBA game on an emulator, having a screen that is larger and of higher quality is beneficial to the overall experience. Customization

There is a lot of room for customization, and even if there isn’t direct support for things like keyboards, controllers, and so on, you can still plug in other components.

2. Data Sync

Everything is in perfect time. If you want to play on mobile, you may continue from the same account, and if you want to play on a computer, all of your data will be synchronized together.

3. No Issue of Memory

Because not everyone has access to the most recent mobile technology, playing a game through an emulator not only improves its speed but also eliminates the need to worry about losing any data or running out of memory.

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Support for the Wild Rift Controller—Advantages of Using the Controller

After going over some of the benefits of making use of an emulator, we will now go over some of the benefits of making use of a controller. In spite of the fact that some people may believe that finger controls are better, the controller continues to have a distinct advantage over finger controls.

1. No Sweaty Touch

When you are using your fingers to play a game, you may experience perspiration, obstruction, and even the screen getting blurry. By utilizing a controller instead than interacting directly with the screen, you may avoid all of these problems.

2. Best for Beginners

The beginner will have a lot easier time getting used to the controller’s feel. The majority of individuals find that using their fingers is both tiring and unfamiliar, yet using them as a gaming controller is a nice situation to be in.

3. Easy Micromanagement

Control over micromanagement is significantly increased using controllers. The fact that you can handle many functions at once contributes to the accessibility of MOBA games. On fingers, you have to go for 3 fingers, then 4 fingers, and so on. 

When you are using controllers, you will have simultaneous control over both movement and controller support. You won’t run across any difficulties when using your abilities.


The greatest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developers on the market are responsible for creating League of Legends: Wild Rift. The effectiveness of finger control has been improved upon to the highest possible level. 

Despite this, the vast majority of players on mobile will continue to choose to use a controller or keyboard when playing the game. 

You will not be able to use a controller with Wild Rift until the creators add support for it, but in the meanwhile, you may play the game through an emulator that has this feature built-in. 

In addition, we assembled this article to describe the reasons for using an emulator or controller in the wild rift as well as the benefits associated with doing so. So, it was all about how great is Wild Rift controller support.

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