When Will Riot Games Release KDA Gragas Skin?

KDA Gragas is probably the most wanted skin in the history of League of Legends. Many League players demand from Riot to release this beautiful and funny skin. However, we still don't know if they ever will...

From time to time, we like to step out and have a bit of fun, and looking at the KDA Gragas skin, it’s obvious that Riot Games feels the same. If you’re not familiar with the KDA Gragas skin, then you’re in for a real laugh. 

For the tenth anniversary celebration, Riot Games did something hilarious – they reached out, grabbed a hold of some epic meme-worthy skin concepts, and gave them some life, one of those skins was the K/DA Gragas. When we saw the K/DA Gragas skin concept for the first time, we couldn’t help but to laugh out loud and share it with our friends.

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Riot Games Put Together a Skin Design Program at the Request of LoL Fans

During the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, the LoL community saw many great things – this event was carefully prepared by Riot Games. They released loads of fantastic content like TFT Mobile, LoL Mobile, and many other things. Viewers even had the opportunity to interact with Riot employees – a “custom-made” program was put together.

What was the Skin Design Program All about?

With this program, Riot Games artists received requests for special skins – they sorted through them and made their picks. One of the requirements that the artists fulfilled is the Rock, Scissors, Paper outfit. 

This is a group of outfits that the League of Legends community requested for three champions: Malphite (Stone), Camille (Scissors), and Ivern (Paper). 

When Will Riot Games Release KDA Gragas Skin?

What Surprised People the Most?

The thing that surprised people the most and really brought laughter into our lives would be the weird skin – K/DA Gragas. Believe it or not, this is actually a costume that was requested by LoL fans. The artists at Riot Games received many requests to draw K/DA group’s skin with Gragas, Taric, Braum, and Graves. Riot was on limited time, and because of this, they only had the opportunity to draw Gragas, but that is perfectly fine because it was a big hit.

Here's a funny KDA Gragas meme which has put a smile on the faces of many League of Legends players

Just an Entertainment Program

You’re probably never going to see this skin in the game – this is just for entertainment purposes. I mean, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re never going to login to League of Legends and find Gragas wearing K/DA attire …then again, we never know what Riot Games has up their sleeves, and it could turn into some April Fool’s prank or something along those lines. 

I remember not long ago when fans asked for the Star Guardian Urgot Skin – Riot responded to that request by taking this skinless line and placing it on Star Guardian Xayah.

Sure, the concept of a male K/DA boy band isn’t exactly new, but that isn’t going to stop us from sharing a laugh at this skin. 

Either way, this shows us that Riot has a funny bone and that they really do care about their community. We say this because it’s obvious that they’re trying to connect with us League of Legend players in every aspect from serious to fun.

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