Xayah and Rakan Synergy – Explained

Can it get any more romantic than shaking up the bottom lane with “lovers in arms”? Coming from Ionia, Vastayan couple Rakan The Charmer and Xayah The Rebel are the perfect example of how much togetherness can affect the game’s outcome. They are the first official duo released as a packaged product designed to synergize with each other. Their romantic interaction makes them fun and exciting to play. 

Rakan supports and fights for her, while The Rebel holds the blade fighting for the cause as an AD carry. This harmonious synergy gets them lots of benefits when playing together, including the interconnection of recalls and shared speed and damage buffs when they activate abilities near each other. Of course, players do not need to pick both champs in every game. 

They both have their strengths and qualities and are powerful when played alone, but only when they team up together, you can truly see the power of synergy. 

To better understand what kind of relationship these two have, let’s look at their individual abilities:

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Rakan’s Abilities:

  • Passive: Fey Feathers – Rakan’s coat generates a shield on occasion, even during combat, and he can reduce the cooldown of this ability by attacking one of the enemies.
  • Q: Gleaming Quill – The Charmer throws an enchanted feather in front of him, which deals damage when connected to an enemy, and his cloak surges with magic. A heal triggers in the area around Rakan after a brief moment. If Rakan touches an ally, the heal begins immediately.
  • W: Grand Entrance – Rakan leaps forward and lands at his destination. He pauses for dramatic effect before leaping into the air and knocking down opponents nearby.
  • E: Battle Dance – Rakan rushes to an ally’s, protecting them from harm, and then casts Battle Dance again for a few seconds even on the same target. When Xayah is the target, he can rush to her from an increased distance. 
  • R: The Quickness – Rakan breaks into a sprint, enchanting his coat and captivating his audience. 

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Xayah’s Abilities:

  • Passive: Clean Cuts – Following the use of an ability, Xayah’s subsequent few attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path (dealing reduced damage to all targets after the first). They will also drop a feather wherever they land, staying on the field for some time.
  • Q: Double Daggers – The Rebel throws two blades in a straight line, inflicting damage on all enemies hit. Wherever the blades land, they leave a feather behind.
  • W: Dangerous Plumage – Xayah summons a storm of feather blades, increasing the power and speed of her subsequent few attacks. She will then gain a short burst of movement speed if she attacks an enemy champion while empowered by Deadly Plumage. If Rakan is nearby when Xayah activates Deadly Plumage, he will also gain the ability’s benefits.
  • E: Bladecaller – Xayah summons all feathers, which deal damage to any enemies they come into contact with on their way back to her. If several feathers strike a target simultaneously, they will be temporarily rooted. 
  • R: Featherstorm – Xayah leaps into the air, becoming untargetable for a brief moment. She hurls a storm of blades in a cone after a short delay, each of which deals damage to enemies struck and leaves a feather upon landing. She may continue to move while in the air.

As it can be seen, lovers have quite impressive abilities regardless of whether they play together or not. However, Rakan is very mobile and can influence a fight as an initiator. At the same time, Xayah is more concerned with staying in the back and positioning herself to win the fight. 

The Charmer can gain Deadly Plumage from his lover to perform massive attack buff, and his Battle Dance dash has a more extended range if Xayah is nearby. Also, with this ability, Rakan can be further from Xayah in fights but still in range to dash back to her if necessary. For Xayah, this ability double the dosage of feathers shooting at the enemy. 

We can indeed say that they have built-in synergy, which can also be seen in their ability to join one another in recalls – if one of them recalls, the other one can join at any time. This ability is called Lover’s Leap – Romantic, isn’t it?! This ability can effectively reduce total recall time, give false information about duos whereabouts, clear wards, etc. 

Although it may seem Lover’s Leap is not significant enough, it can be decisive in the winning lane. Sometimes a few seconds are all that you need, and these two can stay a little bit longer in a lane too, let’s say, deny the enemy minions. 

For an early game, the duo is powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. In the late game, the two of them should be at each other side and use the perks they synergies together, especially when escaping enemies. 

If you ever watched this duo play together, you wouldn’t help but notice how their interactions are interesting, but most of all, it’s noticeable that their personalities are pretty different. While they trust each other and are highly self-assured, they look very diverse. 

The Charmer is very mobile and has a specific way of making movements (let’s not forget that he is also a very masculine and intriguing character). At the same time, The Rebel looks like a real “badass” – well, who wouldn’t with that kind of support. With all said, you probably wouldn’t want to be the one getting between these love birds.

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