Top 5 Best Yasuo Tips That Will Help You Climb

Top 5 Best Yasuo Tips That Will Help You Climb

League of Legends is a great game to play until you decide to climb the ranked ladder. Spending a marginal portion of your daily life only to see zero improvements can certainly be a feels bad moment. However, there are a few remedies and strategies you can implement to get better.

In terms of champion complexity, Yasuo tends to rank pretty high. He is a high-risk, high-reward warrior that can dish dash his way out of trouble. So why are you still losing your ranked games, even when there are no issues with your playstyle? There are a couple of answers to this.

You need to improve your laning so that the enemy is forced to walk into unfavorable teamfights. As a Yasuo main, it’s necessary to understand the importance of high APM combos. Plus, you need to know the limits of your champion in order to carry the game. 

Needless to say, Yasuo’s kit is extremely strong –  to the point where you need to shut him down from early on. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy for a good Yasuo player to turn a losing game into a winning one.

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Top Yasuo Tips To Commit To Memory

The ranked formula is quite different in nature from your normal matches. You not only need to be there for your team but also grab their hands and drag them to the finish line before your opponent does.

While this might seem trivial at first glance, you need to be able to know when to do what in order to be on the right track. Otherwise, the game will be dragged from your hands so fast that you’d be powerless to do anything.

With that said, here are some commandments to live by if you intend on climbing the ranked ladder with Yasuo:

Tip #1: Don’t Dish Dash Without A Plan

League of Legends Best Yasuo Climb Tip PlanYes, Yasuo’s kit relies majorly on his E, but with great power comes great responsibility. Despite you having the said power, the lane state is there for a very specific reason. You need to manipulate the minions in order to make the enemy come out of their tower.

Yasuo is a melee champion, so almost every mid-lane mage is weaker than him in the early game –  with the exception of a few. We get to see a similar trend with assassins, but the conditions are stricter there.

The main idea is to keep the wave near your tower in order to create a gold disparity from early on. If, by the stroke of luck – your jungler decides to gank you, then not only is it a guaranteed kill, but you will also be able to blow the game wide open.

You have an insane amount of waveclear, so you won’t have much of an issue even if your lane doesn’t have priority; making the enemy laner overextend is the real key. Once you’re strong enough to solo kill your laner, then it’s time to hunt!

Lastly, you shouldn’t aim your tornados at the wave. Not only will that mess it up by shrinking it too much, but you will also lose the opportunity to poke your opposing laner freely. Try E-Q-ing instead.

Tip #2: There’s Always A Bigger Fish

League of Legends Best Yasuo Climb Tip EnemiesYasuo is strong, no doubt about it. You can kill most champions if you’re ahead. But that does not mean you should get complacent and charge into an enemy that can make friend sashimi out of you. Only take the fights you can take, or you’ll have to be prepared for a brutal beating.

Picture this; you are 5/0 in the lane, and the enemy 0/3 Olaf comes to gank. Your lane opponent is dead, and you’re feeling pretty comfortable in taking that fight. So, just like every Yasuo main, you decide to dash your way into trouble – when there’s no merit in taking it.

Since hes’ Olaf, he’ll just pop Ragnarock, and suddenly, your ult is useless. As for the auto attack battle, the lower his HP is, the more attack speed he has and the more he heals. So naturally, you end up throwing your lead.

The Olaf got the shutdown, and now he’s snowballing, and you haven’t been able to do a single move to counter that. Imagine that scenario being played a bit differently. What if you didn’t engage back then? What if you baited him into staying while your jungler comes and ganks?

That’s why you always need to go for fights that are worth the risk; if you don’t have a decent chance of winning, just back off. If you push your luck, then you’ll have to pay for the consequences. Therefore, always play calculated; don’t play with greed in mind. Rather, take what you can and move on.

Tip #3: Your Laners Need Some Love

League of Legends Best Yasuo Climb Tip Plan LanersLeague of Legends is all about channeling your advantage into your teammates. If you’re ahead of the curve, just spend the remaining time making your team ahead as well. Plus, you’re already playing mid-lane, so you need to be able to roam around the map to gain control.

This venture can be performed with or without your jungler. However, we recommend you push the lane properly before roaming around since you wouldn’t want the enemy laner to get free tower plating and possibly make a comeback.

Once you’ve suffocated him to the point where killing him isn’t worth the risk, you should either switch with a losing lane, or you could just gank others repeatedly until every other lane is in a similar state as well.

If a lane seems to be getting stomped, you should start roaming towards them from the early game to maintain the balance of the game.

Tip #4: Your Windwall Is The Most Broken Ability Ever!

League of Legends Best Yasuo Climb Tip Plan Broken Ability

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As the title mentions, the Windwall is the way to go if you want to be of use in teamfights. It can block every kind of projectile and can thus offer a reliable defense that cannot be penetrated unless your opponent is melee.

Veigar or Miss Fortune Ulting? Just press one W and watch them cry about the unfairness of your ability in the all-chat. You can also counter projectiles like Ashe’s arrow, which apparently possesses the highest damage in the game.

You can literally disable a fed ADC from functioning – given you time your auto attacks correctly. There’s a lot to do as long as you’re spatially aware of the enemy threats and are ready to counter them whenever.

Consequently, this also means that using your W all willy-nilly is not a good practice since you need to have it at key moments. Someone else can perform the knockup and peel for you, but no one will be able to replicate the same effect as your W (except Samira).

Tip #5: Keep Your Mental Game Strong

League of Legends Best Yasuo Climb TipThis is the most underrated aspect of climbing the ranked ladder that’s often overlooked. Mainly, Yasuo and Yone players are seemingly prone to this disease. However, if you’re doing mechanically well and are winning your lane, it’s only natural for your team to put in the same effort, right?

Well, not quite; as it turns out, Riot’s matchmaking system is based on MMR. Therefore, it’s quite natural for low-skilled players to have an abnormally high MMR due to them being lucky enough to catch a carry bus. Even if they try their best, they can only do so much.

Thus, exerting your mental over them will only give diminishing returns and can – at times, can result in backlash. Plus, you wouldn’t want to ruin your game for others. So it’s better to sit back and do what you need to do while keeping a cool head.

Statistically, there is a higher chance of you losing a game where your team is tilted even when you’re ahead than losing a game where everyone has a chill mental. League is more about mental fortitude than actual skill, especially in soloQ. Life is too short to be toxic, so try being a positive influence instead.


In essence, you will be looking to stay calm while putting up your best attitude if you want to climb in ranked. Additionally, you also need to play to your strengths and abuse your laning prowess. While you should not try to 1 v 5, there are instances where it does work.

Lastly, keep grinding soloQ and you’ll eventually get better. League is not a game that can be learned overnight. You need patience, skill, and most importantly – endurance. Once you got the winning formula written down, just keep riding the high tide until you reach a higher destination. From there onwards, just rinse and repeat and you’ll be able to reach the rank you want!

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